If your clients are interested in releasing Ultra HD Blu-ray titles, then you should join this special seminar to hear expert speakers from the Blu-ray Disc Association, Samsung, Warner Bros, ATEME, DTS and Scenarist and learn about the evolution of premium content, HDR, HEVC encoding, immersive audio, authoring, and more.

Michael Hoog from the Blu-ray Disc Association will deliver the keynote address with a vital update on the progress of the Ultra HD Blu-ray format launch. With millions of 4K displays already in consumer homes and Ultra HD Blu-ray players from Samsung, Philips and Microsoft's X-Box One S rapidly selling out, authoring facilities worldwide are already reaping the benefits of Scenarist’s proven workflow in creating the majority of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles.

Scenarist has worked hand-in-hand with the Blu-ray Disc Association, technology companies, replicators, major content companies and authoring facilities to produce Scenarist UHD, the most productive and proven authoring system at the point of a format launch, ever. If your facility is considering adding Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring services, then register for this important seminar. Space is limited.

• Keynote - Ultra HD Blu-ray Vital Stats
The Latest Information and Updates About the Format's Progress and What To Expect Next
Presented by Michael Hoog, Global Promotions Committee, Blu-ray Disc Association

• Samsung - Consumer Adoption and 4K/HDR Reference Monitoring •
Clearing The Confusion About Display Technology and HDR Reference Monitoring
Presented by Daniel Schinasi- Director of Product Planning, Consumer Electronics
Samsung Electronics America

• Warner Bros - A Content Holder's HDR Perspective •
A Major Content Holder's Point of View About What's important and How To Talk About HDR
Presented by Michael Zink - VP Technology, Warner Bros

• ATEME - HEVC Optimized Encoding •
Encoding Considerations for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Metadata, and More
Presented by Thomas Burnichon - Product Manager for ATEME TITAN

• Scenarist - Ultra HD Blu-ray Authoring with Scenarist UHD •
Optimizing The Authoring Workflow from BD to Ultra HD Blu-ray, and More
Presented by Chris Neely - Managing Partner, Scenarist, LLC

• DTS:X - Understanding Immersive Audio •
Understanding and Implementing the Immersive Audio Workflow
Presented by Doug Clarke - Principal Solutions Architect, DTS

September 10, 2016 - 3:30 PM

Holiday Inn - Amsterdam
Adjacent to the RAI Convention Center
De Boelelaan 2, 1083 HJ Amsterdam

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