Distinguished Industry Panel of Speakers Delivers Format Technical Overview

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Sept 12, 2015) - At the IBC 2015 conference a packed audience of leading professional compression and authoring facility engineers, independent content owners and service providers were presented a detailed overview of supporting technologies in the Ultra HD Blu-ray format workflows for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, immersive audio, digital bridge and authoring. The discussion was led by a panel of industry experts from the Blu-ray Disc Association, Technicolor, Philips, DTS, Scenarist, ATEME and Dolby.

Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the Global Promotions Committee for the Blu-ray Disc Association provided the keynote address for the event as well as the Blu-ray Disc association's vision for Ultra HD Blu-ray. Mr. Matsuda also delivered a spec overview and discussed new features for the format and the market outlook for UHD.

A key message was that global shipments of UHD TVs will steadily increase from 5 million units in 2015 to approach 45% of total shipments by 2019.

The distinguished panel of speakers included the following industry experts:
• Victor Matsuda, Chairman Global Promotions Committee for the Blu-ray Disc Association
• Jérôme Vieron, PhD, Advanced Research Manager at ATEME
• Mark R. Johnson, Vice President of Streaming & Media Solutions at DTS, Inc.
• Suarabh Mathur, Director Technology and Innovation Strategy at Technicolor
• Leon van de Kerkhof, Principal Standardization Counsel at Philips Research
• Christopher Neely, Managing Partner at Scenarist, LLC
• Tom McAndrew, Technical Marketing Manager - Content Creation at Dolby Laboratories
• David Brooks, Senior Director Technology Strategy, Office of the CTO at Dolby Laboratories

The agenda for the seminar was the following:
• Introduction to Ultra HD Blu-ray
• Philips HDR and demonstration
• Technicolor CRI and demonstration
• Dolby Vision
• HEVC Encoding HDR 10-Bit discussion
• DTS:X and Dolby Atmos Overview
• Ultra HD Blu-ray Authoring and demonstration
• Digital Bridge Export Production discussion
• Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback demonstration

Dr. Jérôme Vieron from ATEME led an in depth review of the HEVC 10-bit HDR encoding workflow, static and dynamic metadata, and confirmed that the company's ATEME TITAN encoding system had been used in the creation of the first Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc titles targeted for release later this year.

Optional advanced HDR technologies are included in the Ultra HD Blu-ray spec including CRI, Philips HDR and Dolby Vision. David Brooks of Dolby Laboratories explained the benefits of the company's 12-bit enhancement layer technology, called Dolby Vision, which enables spectacular image dynamic range and color on enabled UHD displays.

Providing an essential discussion regarding the issue of managing HDR tone remapping to SDR displays, Saurab Mathur presented Technicolor's Color Remapping Information (CRI) technology and provided visual examples of tone mapping with and without CRI. Mr. Mathur's demonstration showed that CRI was able to preserve the creative intent of the original program significantly more accurately than allowing a 'blind' tone mapping process.

Mr. Leon van de Kerkhof of Philips Research led a comprehensive discussion on Philips High Dynamic Range tone mapping technology describing the workflow and demonstrating the company's technology that allows the creation of SDR metadata derived from an HDR color grade.

In addition to the HDR technology discussion, the event featured a review of immersive audio capabilities for Ultra HD Blu-ray including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Tom McAndrew of Dolby Laboratories explained the benefits of Dolby Atmos, highlighting current titles in market and the capabilities of object audio. Directly following the main event, Mark R. Johnson from DTS led a detailed discussion and practical demonstration of DTS:X including mixing for object audio using the company's plug-in for Avid® Pro Tools as well as the new DTS:X Encoder.

Prior to the DTS:X discussion, Mr. Johnson provided details on the Digital Bridge capabilities of Ultra HD Blu-ray that enable the export of full resolution content from physical disc to network attached storage (NAS), USB drives and other devices for personal use.

Christopher Neely from Scenarist provided a demonstration and discussion of the company's new authoring system for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Scenarist UHD. Mr. Neely then played a disc authored with the system on the new Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray player prototype which was attached to a Samsung JU9500 UHD/HDR display. The Ultra HD Player played the disc smoothly and the 4K stream was ultra clear and sharp. As a part of his presentation, Mr. Neely described the company's new Scenarist UHD Workgroup which includes the ATEME TITAN UHD/HDR encoder, Scenarist UHD authoring, the DTS:X Encoder and Digital Bridge Export Production tools.

Scenarist and DTS announced a global seminar tour to promote Ultra HD Blu-ray , which will commence in October 2015 and run through March 2016. The tour will highlight format features, workflow and solutions to creating and utilizing Ultra HD Blu-ray. Read below for more information.


Global Seminars to Promote Best-In-Class UHD/HDR and Immersive Audio Format

AMSTERDAM (September 14, 2015) – Scenarist, LLC, the developer of Hollywood-standard professional Blu-ray Disc authoring systems, and DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio enhancement technologies and solutions, today announced an eight-city global seminar tour to promote and educate the production community on the benefits of Ultra HD Blu-ray. The tour will provide key information, demonstrations and a venue for UHD / HDR workflows to major motion picture studios, independent content holders, professional authoring facilities, and audio engineers engaged in the creation of immersive audio mixing.

World’s First Complete Solution For The Creation Of Hollywood Blockbuster Titles With Stunning High Dynamic Range Video

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Sept 11, 2015) - Scenarist, LLC, the leading developer of Hollywood-standard professional DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc authoring systems based in Novato, California announced today the Scenarist UHD Workgroup which is the world’s first complete solution for creating commercial release Ultra HD Blu-ray titles that take advantage of stunning UHD High Dynamic Range video, immersive audio and Digital Bridge features. The Scenarist UHD Workgroup was designed in close collaboration with major motion picture studios, authoring facilities and technology partners engaged in supporting the new Ultra HD Blu-ray format and has already been used to create titles in time for the new format launch.

World Class Encoding Solution Adds HDR HEVC 4K Encoding to Scenarist Workgroup

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Sept 8, 2015) - Scenarist, LLC, the developer of Hollywood-standard professional Blu-ray Disc authoring systems based in Novato, California, announced today at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) that it has completed a commercial agreement with ATEME to bundle the TITAN File multi-codec/format transcoding system with its Scenarist UHD Workgroup authoring system. The combination creates the world’s only complete solution for Ultra HD Blu-ray title creation.

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