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We are excited to take this opportunity to update you on the latest Scenarist news. Scenarist, LLC has been formed to provide support to the world-wide authoring community of Scenarist SD and Scenarist BD users, and to work closely with the BDA and other specification bodies to extend the capabilities of authoring beyond current versions and formats.

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Rolf Hartley & Chris Neely
Managing Partners
Scenarist, LLC

Scenarist, LLC - Acquires Industry Standard Authoring Tools

September 9, 2014 - Scenarist, LLC entered into an asset purchase agreement with Rovi Corp to acquire the complete library of source and object code, products and trademarks of Scenarist authoring tools for the DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc formats.

Read the full press announcement.

Rovi had previously acquired the product line as part of the Sonic Solutions acquisition in 2011 and subsequently discontinued support for the products and services in 2012. Now Scenarist, LLC has been formed to provide end-user technical support; develop critical bug fix software updates; and automate and innovate for Scenarist DVD and Scenarist BD systems.

Who Is Scenarist?

Scenarist, LLC includes the executive team from Sonic Solutions, Professional Technology Group including business, products, support and engineering members of staff. Initially contacted by regional authoring user groups requesting support recommendations given the upcoming Blu-ray Disc format extension to support 4K UHD streams, the Scenarist team worked with Rovi to finalize this agreement.

Key members of staff:

    • Rolf Hartley, Managing Partner
    • Chris Neely, Managing Partner
    • Yuki Miyamoto, Strategic Relationships
    • Lance Wilson, Engineering Lead

How to reach us:

What Are Our Company Priorities?
1: Technical Support
    Beginning immediately, Scenarist, LLC is restarting technical support operations and offering support subscriptions for facilities. Please contact us at for more information.

2: Bug Fixes and Version Upgrade

    We have started the process of gathering critical bug lists; we are interested in knowing what problems or annoyances you may have with your Scenarist systems. We invite you to send your top list of issues, including the number of systems you have and the current software version you are using, to us via email at

    We are targeting a software update release in December 2014.

3: 4K UHD Support

    At IFA2014, the Blu-ray Disc Association confirmed that it has formed a technical working group to formalize the extension of the BD Spec to include 4K UHD content and that Christmas 2015 is the target launch date for UHD-BDs. We will shortly announce support for the UHD extension including a special industry panel of facilities that wish to gain early access to our new Scenarist UHD version. Similar to our previous High Definition Authoring Alliance (HDAA) and 3DAA, the new group will interact with CE vendors and obtain key information necessary to be ready for the proposed launch date.

    We plan to finalize participation in this group in December. Please write to us at to register your interest in joining this limited group.

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