Scenarist is happy to announce the release of Scenarist UHD Alpha v0.3 software exclusively for UHDG members. This new version represents significant progress in creating Ultra HD Blu-ray titles for launch this year. Alpha v0.3 has already been used to create UHD-BD test images that have had success in playing back on player prototypes and has been analyzed using the early UHD-BD verifier.

Key features of the Scenarist UHD Alpha v0.3 release include the following:

• Updates to the BDMV database for BDROM v3
   • Added 0300 option to BDJO version
   • Included HDR static metadata to project file and BDMV data structures MoviePlayList.xml,
      BDMV database, etc.
   • Set Disc Info parameters, 4K content and HDR content flags
   • Updates to Scenarist project database for HEVC parameters

• UI Updates
   • Updated UI for Disc Info in Layout Dialog
   • Set properties for HEVC video property window

• Miscellaneous
   • Update TS recording rate for UHD
   • Set properties for HEVC video property window
   • Update disc type version number to 0300

How to get the Alpha v0.3 update:
• UHDG members will receive a personalized email with download instructions.
• Please let us know if you do not receive download instructions at
• Your UHDG activator code will work with Alpha 3.

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